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September 28: 
J.P. Smith's novel, The Summoning, has been longlisted for the Massachusetts Book Award.  Congratulations, J.P.! To view, please click on this link:

July 8:  With the sale of Chinese rights to Folio, Rachel Yoder's Nightbitch has found its twelfth publisher, and with Amy Adams to star in the film version, Nightbitch is well on its way to claiming a major place for itself in the literary world.

July 7:  Emmeline Clein's debut, Dead Weight, has a great UK publisher--Picador has just bought the British rights.

July 3:  Radhika Swarup, author of Where the River Parts and Civil Lines, led a panel discussion this weekend at Newnham College, Cambridge on the subject of Making Women's Fiction Equal today.

July 1:  Lemony Snicket's 4-book series, All the Wrong Questions, has been renewed by his UK publisher, Farshore, an imprint of HarperCollins UK, as part of their planned promotion of all his work in the lead up to the 25th anniversary of the blockbuster series, A Series of Unfortunate Events.

June 1: 
Both Spanish and German rights have sold to Hilary Leichter's forthcoming second novel, Terrace Story.

May 24:  R. J. Palacio's Pony just gained its 26th publisher--Morfem has now acquired the rights to publish in Slovenian.

April 18Nightbitch by Rachel Yoder is going to be published in German by Klett-Cotta, one of the best literary publishers in that country.

April 10French Braid by Anne Tyler is a new New York Times Bestseller!  It debuts in the Hardcover Fiction list at #4.

February 3:  One of the great Finnish publishers, Otava, has just bought rights to Anne Tyler's French Braid, making it a baker's dozen of international publishers now.

January 4:  AramcoWorld has just published a great interview with Anissa Bouziane, author of Dune Song.  Read it by clicking this link. 


December 18:  Win Me Something, Kyle Lucia Wu's debut novel, will be coming to readers in France--Mercure de France has just bought French rights.

December 16Poison for Breakfast by Lemony Snicket will be published in German and in Italian.

December 1:  Editrice Nord has just bought Italian rights to Chris Cander's forthcoming novel, A Gracious Neighbor.

November 29:  Readers in Germany and Italy are going to be getting a fantastic novel:  Goldmann has just acquired the German rights to The Matchmaker's Gift by Lynda Cohen Loigman, and Newton Compton will publish the novel in Italian.

November 5:  Homeira Qaderi's unforgettable memoir about growing up female in Afghanistan, Dancing in the Mosque, has new publishers in Italy, France and Finland.

October 14:  Raval has just become Anne Tyler's Catalan publisher for French Braid, with a dozen publishers lined up to bring this wonderful novel to readers around the world.

September 9: PONY by R. J. Palacio has three new international publishers--French, Greek and Croatian.

July 20:  R.J. Palacio's brilliant new novel, PONY, is going to be published in Spanish, Dutch, Polish, Turkish and Romanian.

May 11:  Anne Tyler's French Braid will be published by Lumen in Spanish and in French by Phebus.

May 26:  Ann Petry's classic novels, Country Place andThe Narrows, as well as her short story collection Miss Muriel and Other Stories will be published in German by Nagel & Kimche.

March 31:  UK publisher Oneworld has bought rights to Lemony Snicket's new novel, Poison for Breakfast, which Liveright/W.W. Norton will publish in August, with Oneworld publishing just after the US edition.  To see the announcement in The Bookseller, click here
February 24:  Ann Petry's novel, The Narrows, will be appearing in Italian for the first time.  Italy's largest publisher, Mondadori, joins with Petry's other international publishers in Germany (Nagel & Kimche) and Holland (Atlas-Contact) in adding The Narrows to their lineup of literary classics for 2023.  

February 10:  J.P. Smith's new novel, The Summoning, to be published by Sourcebooks and Dreamscape Media in the US, has a new publisher:  it will appear in French in 2022 under Gallimard's famous Serie Noire imprint.


November 20:  Writer, editor and multidisciplinary artist Fariha Roisin's Who Is Wellness For? has a UK publisher, Orion Spring.  The book will publish in the US under the HarperWave imprint in 2022.
October 16:  Curdella Forbes has won the 2020 Hurston/Wright Legacy Award for Fiction for her brilliant novel, A Tall History of Sugar.  Many congratulations to Curdella!  

October 9: Anissa Bouziane, author of Dune Song, is guest speaker at The Writer's Center.  Click here for Anissa's talk.

September 14:  J.P. Smith's new novel, The Summoning, has just sold to Sourcebooks, publisher of his two previous novels.   Dreamscape Media, in a separate deal, has acquired audio rights.                               

September 11:  Ann Petry's masterpiece, The Narrows, will be out in a Dutch edition from Atlas-Contact. 

September 10:  Sleepovers, Ashleigh Bryant Phillips' short story debut, will be published in Italian in 2022 by Bompiani.

August 20:  Mark Sennen's new novel, The Sanction, is now out in print format.

August 8:  World Literature Today gives Dune Song by Anissa Bouziane a wonderful, long review.  Please click here to read it.
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World Doesn't Require US cover.jpg

July 23:  Curdella Forbes has been nominated for the 2020 Hurston/Wright Legacy Award for A Tall History of Sugar and Rion Amilcar Scott has been nominated for The World Doesn't Require You.  Congratulations to both!
June 29:  Winner of the 2017 PEN/Bingham Prize and finalist for the 2020 PEN/Jean Stein Book Award Rion Amilcar Scott's The World Doesn't Require You will be published in the UK by Head of Zeus.
June 25:  The Gallimard edition of J.P. Smith'sThe Drowning is out to wonderful reviews including one from Le Figaro which calls The Drowning "an excellent surprise."
June 2:  Redhead by the Side of the Road by Anne Tyler has two new publishers:  Dook will publish in mainland China and Aquarius will publish in Taiwan.
May 28:  Radhika Swarup's forthcoming novel, Civil Lines, will be published in 2021 by one of India's leading publishers, Simon & Schuster India.
Temporary US Cover.jpg
April 20:  Temporary by Hilary Leichter has two more international publishers:  Polyandria in Russia and Ithaki in Turkey.
February 28:  Arche Verlag has bought German rights to Temporary by Hilary Leichter in a pre-empt bid and Spanish rights have sold to Alpha Decay.
March 24: Leading audio book publisher Bolinda will publish the audio editions of Mark Sennen's Holm & Da Silva series
February 27:  UK rights to Rachel Yoder's forthcoming debut novel (to be published in 2021), Nightbitch, have sold to Harvill-Secker at auction.  Swedish rights have gone to Norstedts, one of Sweden leading publishers.
February 10:  Anissa Bouziane's Dune Song has been winning marvelous reviews, with Publishers Weekly calling it "...[an] intense, captivating debut" and Kirkus praising it as "a sophisticated examination of cross-cultural tension at the dawn of the 21st century." 
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January 10:  Canelo has just acquired rights to Mark Sennen's next two novels, withThe Sanction--the first in Mark's new series--slated to publish at the end of April.  
January 7:  J.P. Smith's new novel, If She Were Dead, is published today.  Publishers Weekly says, "Smith does a masterful job blending multiple story lines...plenty of action, intrigue and surprises."  And Booklist says "...compels attention to the final line."

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